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How to check if a point is inside of a polygon?
In edit mode, I wanna be able to manually draw a polygon and attach it to the prefab similar to red one in this picture and in play mode, I want to check if a 2D point (x and z) is inside of this polygon.

Does Curvy provide a way to check if a point is inside or not?

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Sorry, but there is no API method to check if a point is inside a spline. The API gives access to the spline's parameters, so any detection algorithm can be implemented on splines from Curvy Splines. Also, in case you need this, CurvySpline.Bounds provides the bounding box of the spline, and CurvyUtility.SplineToMesh allows you to produce a mesh from a spline.
I hope this helped.
Have a nice day
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