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How to merge intersecting meshes at spline connections?

I'd like to use Curvy Splines for simulating the growth of plants & trees.

Sadly, however, I'm having trouble achieving smooth transitions between branches. Is there any functionality within Curvy Splines to merge meshes at spline connections?
If not, does anyone know of other options to achieve smooth looking transitions? Or perhaps you know of tools/plugins/libraries external to Curvy Splines that allow for welding together intersecting meshes?

Such functionality is not part of Curvy Splines at this moment.
I am not aware of  tools/plugins/libraries that weld properly such mesh, but I haven't really looked for it. If you find some please let me know. Thanks.
There is this post that leads to tools doing boolean operations on meshes, but as far as I know these tools will not give the proper welding effect you are looking for, but I might be wrong.
I hope this helped
Have a nice day
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Hi & thanks, now I at least know that this is not part of Curvy. True, a boolean operation probably wouldn't be seamless. Not completely sure yet, but I think I'll be ending up with a custom "welding" solution for my specific use case, then.

Have a nice day, as well!

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