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Performance on Mobile (Android)
Are there known performace hits when using Curvy on Android? On my dev machine the movement for the game is smooth and easy to use. However, when being played on phones and tablets, it almost seems jittery; like it is jumping to the points on my curvy path.

I have tested it on new and old devices and all seem to struggle getting smooth movement.

there are no known performance hits. Saying that, you may suffer from Curvy's caching mechanism depending on your settings and actions. Fortunately you are able to configure it the way you want it. Please post a screenshot of your spline settings...

In general, the cache will be rebuild everytime you change a CP's Transform or add/delete a CP. Rebuilding means that SegmentCount*Granularity sample points will be interpolated and stored (Position,Tangent,Up-Vector,Distance). Later in your game, you'll be able to move along a spline using a simple lerp of those sample points.

For a start, please lower the Granularity down to 1. This will render the usage of cached data mostly useless, but it's a good indicator if recalculation of the cache is the problem.

I want to know if Curvy is performant on mobile devices or not ? Specially android devices.
I want to use its generator for generating paths like endless runner games (Although my game is not endless and it is like Sonic Forces but I want to create paths by this tool. I want to create different paths and randomly select between them and connect them together to create the match track). I want to know if generated meshes are optimized or not ?
Using Curvy Generator on mobile should not be an issue, as long as you don't generate real time complexe meshes.
CG can generate optimized meshes. You have options to control that.
I am guessing that you have not yet bought Curvy Splines. If so, I suggest you to buy it, do your tests with it, and if it does not fit your needs and I can't fix that for you, I will refund you.
Have a nice day
Please consider leaving a review for Curvy. This will help a lot keeping Curvy relevant in the eyes of the Asset Store algorithm.

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