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I have a SplineShape and would like to have my spline show a path that the player will be going around; in this case, a circle.

I have created a "CurvyMeshPath" to show this but it is resource heavy considering what it actually is. At the moment it has just under 5,000 verts and 10,000 triangles which is just masisve and makes the game lag on phones.

Is there a way I can I reduce the amount of verts and triangles or is there another way I can show the path without having the mesh path?

In your MeshBuilder, adjust Extrusion to lower the number of generated "segments". E.g. if you set it to FixedF and 0.1 you'll get 10 segments, if you set it to FixedDistance and 0.5 the spline path will be segmented by it's length (a segment every 0.5 world units). The right values depends on the spline size and scale, but 5000 verts for a circle are too much.
I managed to find that bit after posting the question, silly me!

Thanks for getting back to me anyway!

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