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uGUI example - how to get the buttons to rotate and orient / align w spline?
In this example: Assets/Plugins/ToolBuddy/Assets/Curvy Examples/Scenes/02_GUI.unity
How does one get the 3 buttons to rotate and orient themselves to match the spline? No matter what I do this doesn't work. Using Unity 2021.3.17f1 and latest Curvy downloaded today.

See ugly screenshot explanation for context.
In that example scene, the spline has its Orientation mode set to None. If you change that, your spline will have orientation information that can be used by your controller. In the attached scene, I set it to Dynamic, and rotated the first and last Control Points to have an orientation that does not twist and that faces the screen.
I attached the scene file.
Did this help?
Have a nice day

Attached Files
.unity   02_GUI.unity (Size: 92.2 KB / Downloads: 1)
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