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Control points cause "kinks" in spline
Hey guys, 

I am using curvy in a jet based game where I have jets that are following curvy splines and using the up tangets as orientation. In many ways the tool is working great however we have had some weird issues. One of the biggest issues I am having right now is that when you add a control point (so I can adjust desired up vector more smoothly for rolls etc) it always has some sort of tension within a small distance of the point so no matter what I do it creates a "kink" which is very noticeable when the plane moves along the spline and looks unnatural.

I have tried changing my curves to different types and using different settings but have been unable to solve this. So what I am saying is if i have a 180 degree spline corner and I add a control point between the two it gets a flat spot regardless of settings.

is the kink visible in the gizmo representation? And could you post some screenshots showing your spline settings/CP layout? Alternatively you could export the spline (save a scene just containing the spline and export it without dependencies) so I can have a look.

And please check if the problem still exists with the latest update (v1.60 just arrived in the AssetStore).

It's hard to see in the Gizmo representation, but sometimes I think I see a "flat spot" sort of on either side of the control point. It feels really noticeable for example when there is a curve between two points and I want to add a point between those two, it immediately creates a dimple instead of adding a point along the existing spline between the two.

Using TCB, only thing checked is synchronize tcb on the control points themselves, no local values
Spline is set to TCB closed, granularity 40, orientation control point

Is there a way I could potentially send you stuff Jake without posting it here? I could probably make a video showing what is happening but not display that on the web.
Feel free to send me anything that needs to be confidential to jake<at>fluffyunderware<dot>com.
I know this is an old topic but I get this when moving a camera along a simple bezier spline. I can't see a kink but when the camera goes through a control point it shows a noticeable kink in it's rotation. I'm using the latest package and unity as of today.
Dynamic, i.e. automatically calculated orientation by nature works best with continous splines like Catmull-Rom. You could try to mark some CP's as "Orientation Anchor" and change the rotation manually and also to add rotation damping to the controller.
Okay, I will try the other things. We can't use dampening unfortunately but hopefully the other suggestions will fix it.


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