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Curvy for Playmaker

I am trying to generate Enemy routines in a top down shootem up and in the playmaker forum, someone suggested Curvy could be a good idea, so I am wondering if I can use Curvy with playmaker to automate the path for enemies, such as coming down the screen rotating in curve then going off the screen.

Is this something that Curvy can help with and/or does anyone know of any tuts on this?

I have been following the tutorial on Youtube : which is great, but the enemy paths have to all be manually created using the Unity Animation tool and this method (although not difficult), never ends up being smooth.

The attachments are just an idea from Skyforce game which has some awesome enemy movements so I am looking to try and achieve this, without having to animate every scenario.

Thank you,


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There are Playmaker actions available. There are also example scenes available to show how to use part of those actions. What you described (moving objects along splines) is doable using those actions.
To learn more, please check this page:
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