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Get Closest Point on Spline
Hello everyone,

I am new to curvy splines. I want to hop a CurvySpline track that's at the nearest controPoint the gameobject is near.

How am I am able to calculate where to set the SplineController position to?

Also, am I able to access each fragment position between controlPoints?


CurvySpline.GetNearestPoint(...) returns the nearest point on a spline.

CurvySpline.GetNearestPointTF(...) returns the nearest point on a spline and its TF value.

To position your spline controller accordingly:
yourSplineController.RelativePosition = nearestTF

More is explained in the documentation of these methods/components. Also, the example scene 05_NearestPoint can be of help if you struggle to use the GetNearestPoint method.

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