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Growing vines

Someone asked me how to make a vine animation, similar to this one, but with Curvy Splines (and not based on shaders like in the video). Here is what my answer was:

It is possible to make such effects. There are a few ways to do so, depending on what you want to do. I will explain to you the tools that I believe will help you achieve that effect, and let you combine them depending on your needs.

The starting point is to make a shape extrusion using a Curvy Generator. You can use the Shape Extrusion template as a starting point (after making its spline open to better fit your example).

Then, in the Shape Extrusion module, you can set a variable scaling, so that the end of the extrusion is thinner.


Make sure that the extrusion has enough polygons in it to have a nice smooth transition. To do so, and if needed, try setting the Optimize setting to false:


Also, the Range parameter is useful, to make an extrusion only on part of the spline.

You can either have one extrusion with scaling on all of it, or two extrusions, one for the part with a constant width, and one for the part that is getting thinner, and synchronize the range of both parts using scripting so that they always match.

Also, you can use a fixed object that will always be positioned at the end of the extrusion. An example is given here, more specifically point 2:

You can also use variable extrusion, please see the example scene 27_CGVariableExtrusion

All the parameters I spoke about are documented. Click on the question mark at the top right of the module to access the documentation.

I hope this helped

Have a nice day
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