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Distorted rail lines when copy-pasting generator
Hi, I'm adapted your railroad generator example to my own project which has straight and open-ended curved splines, not closed loops.
The rails objects are distorted (it appears to be an axis problem, as if the generator is expected a different spline input).

My splines are 2D on X/y axis. New to Curvy splines - where should I look to correct? 

Top view looking down (XY axis). Landscape is hidden.

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Does your generator have a non default transform? Meaning does it have rotations and scaling? If so, set the generators' rotation to 0, and scaling to 1, and see if it fixes the issue.
Otherwise, please send me a reproduction case so I can look closer at this.
Have a nice day
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Hi, thank you. I compared again my example, and the correct sleepers/incorrect rail texture is a clue. I'm using the same spline for both inputs, and I see you use a different, linear spline for the rails. I'll try this and witness the results Smile

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