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complete UVs for rectangular shape in SplinePathMeshBuilder
Hi again Jake !
I would like to "resurrect" an old topic :

I am stuck with this UVs issue. I tried to follow your instructions but UVs are too complicated for me.
Could you help me with that ?

PS : by the way, any news with your next release [img=35x23]images/smilies/angel.gif[/img] ?
Best regards.
Ok, but there isn't an option called "right way". So, how do you want the UV's exactly mapped?
(04-02-2014, 01:44 PM)'Jake' Wrote: Ok, but there isn't an option called "right way". So, how do you want the UV's exactly mapped?


Hi Jake !
Well the same result that an Ngon would be fine for exemple.

Here is my result :
[Image: UVs.jpg]

And the result I would like :
[Image: UVs_2.jpg]

Best regards

Hm, I had a look. Unfortunately this isn't possible with the current MeshBuilder and Rectangle shape. Reason is that the sides aren't duplicated and the upper and lower vertex of each side have the same U. As a workaround, couldn't you use a N-GON with 4 corners?
Thank you for your reply !

I tried to use an Ngon, but the problem is that the shape is not parallele to the ground :
[Image: Capture.jpg]

Moreover the user have to interract with the height and the width of the shape. (in the case of an Ngon, there is only the radius).

If it's not possible, I will try to find an other way.
Thank you for your time Smile


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