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Changing range affects generated mesh
(12-12-2022, 12:41 PM)_Aka_ Wrote: Hi

The behaviour you described could be another behaviour, an optional one, that can be implemented in Curvy. I am adding it to the backlog, and will look into implementing it in a future update.

That behaviour would be useful for some cases, like yours, but I still believe that the current behaviour should remain available, and even be the default one.

If you disagree with my last sentence, allow me to explain:
I added to your illustration in green what could be the spline used for such an example. The current behaviour being one that always centers the sections around the spline, I simply drawn a spline that goes through all the sections' centers of the current behaviour (black and blue). As you can see, your suggested behaviour (red) has a section that is not centered on the spline. This makes sense for your use case and other people's use cases, but I believe most people will see it as an issue if their partial shape extrusion deviates from the spline.

I see, thank you!

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