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Gap between spline mesh segments

The solution I see that will avoid the small gaps is to use a single spline for the extrusion, but:

(10-18-2022, 06:47 PM)dromo Wrote: The whole train network may end up being very big, so I cannot turn it all into a single spline to make a single mesh extrusion.

Is it for performance reasons? If so, you can still do the following:

Use the same spline for the whole track, but have multiple generators having shape extrusion. Each extrusion will be for a part of the track (using the Range parameter of the Shape Extrusion module). Then, when you update the spline, make sure only the relevant extrusion is refreshing, while the others do not refresh (by setting the Auto Refresh parameter to false for the generators that you don't want to refresh).

What do you think about this idea?

Have a nice day
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Hello - thank you for your message. The reason I need more than one mesh is that the player can make branches to the railway, so that there will be connections between railway lines.

I have made models for the railroad switches, which have an animation for the track changing to switch onto the different rail paths. The models have two small splines with a connection, and are put on the map by the player. The player can then make the railway line splines to connect to the railroad switches, and join them with spline connections.

This way the player can make railway tracks that join each other, with an animated railroad switch.

This is the reason why I need to have separate railway spline meshes that can join each other without gaps, which I understand makes things rather complicated unfortunately.

As the gaps between meshes are quite small, all I might need is for the mesh to extend a bit after the spline finishes (by a few game world centimetres), so it overlaps with the mesh it is joining. Do you think this could be a solution? Perhaps by using the mesh cap generator, or just by moving the last control point back slightly?

Thank you for your advice!
The idea of overlapping the railroad mesh with the switch mesh seems like a good idea. About which way to use to do that, I couldn't advise one over the other, both seem viable to me. Can you please keep me updated about which one you ended up preferring?
Thanks and have a nice day
Please consider leaving a review for Curvy. This will help a lot keeping Curvy relevant in the eyes of the Asset Store algorithm.
Hello - Yes I will let you know which option I use. 

Hopefully one of them will work Smile

Thank you for your help.

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