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Can't connect more than 2 spline nodes at a time
I have multiple splines and I'm trying to connect all of their root nodes (the idea is that the user can traverse several distinct paths from a single starting point). However, after connecting two nodes, the 'Connect Spline' button is greyed out when I select either node and a third, unlinked node. In fact, I can't seem to connect a third spline to any node of the two connect splines. Is this a limitation of the script, or am I missing something? 
The selection order matters. If you have two splines A and B you want to connect to C:
  • Select an end CP of A and the target CP of C afterwards (hold CTRL to select both CPs), then click on "Connect"
  • Select an end CP of B and the tgarget CP of C (can be the same as above), then click on "Connect"
Note that the source CPs (the CPs of A and B) needs to be the start or end CPs! Btw, this limitation will go with the next version.
Aha, that did it! Thanks for the help Smile
This is a really tremendous plugin btw, exactly what I needed and then some.

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