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Volume Spot placement
I am trying to distribute object alone a spline path. The path extrusion varies in width using the 'curve' in Variable Width Shape. I copy the same 'curve' into the Volume Spot Cross Base Variation 'curve'. It does place them in theĀ general pattern. But it is off and thus unusable.

Can you tell me where I may be going wrong?

I need the objects place against the outside edge of the volume extrusion accurately. You can see in the image attached that the poles start moving further away from the track volumes edge.

I've attached a project that modified your sample scene/data.

Thank you

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.unity   ExtrusionTest.unity (Size: 5.24 MB / Downloads: 1)
You had translations applied to your poles. I fixed that by setting those translations to 0, and setting Cross Base Variation back to 0. There was no need to modify that curve.
I attached the updated scene.
Have a nice day

Attached Files
.unity   ExtrusionTest.unity (Size: 4.63 MB / Downloads: 1)
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Great... even simpler than setting the curve on the Cross Base Variation

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