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Fill a spline

I'm trying to fill a spline thanks to MeshHelper.CreateSplineMesh().
I explain the problem:
i create wall a runtime by clicking and adding control point in a spline + meshbuilder. if the first and the last control point are near enought, the spline shut itself and i want to add
a roof the the wall thanks to MeshHelper.CreateSplineMesh(). 
It kinda works sometime. i have some triangle wiwh are drawn. but not all the surface.
sometime the faces normal are switched with no reason.
and finally i don't understand how the curvation angle works in the function.

here a picture to have a better idea:
Could you please give some information about this function and tell me if what i wanna do is possible.

Thanks Smile

that's weird, the triangles shouldn't flip. What settings are you using? Another way to find out what's going wrong: If that happens, pause the game, switch to scene view and create a Mesh Shape from the actual spline using the wizard. This way you can play around with the settings and perhaps find out what parameters cause that error. If nothing help, I can send you our current dev version, we've reworked the wizard and use a way better triangulation method now.

The curvation angle determines where to create vertices by the curvation of the spline. A good value is between 1-5 and will ensure that almost linear parts will create less vertices than sharp curves. But using a fixed step or Granularity points to determine vertices usually gives a more predictable result.


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