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On<Before,>Refresh events not called for Input modules
I wanted to hook the OnBeforeRefresh event on an Input Shape Spline module in order to change the 'width' for a rectangle shape. The events never get called. The same event destination will get called if I add it to a Shape Extrusion, so I know I have the signature correct.

Since not of your examples use these two events, is this not a good thing to use architecturally?
OnBeforeRefresh will not be triggered on Input Shape Spline, and any other module that implements the IOnRequestProcessing interaface. Those modules are:
  • Conform Path
  • Input Spline Path
  • Input Spline Shape
  • Mix Paths
  • Mix Shapes
  • Variable Mix Shapes
  • TRS Path
  • TRS Shape
  • Path Relative Translation
Maybe you could listen on the OnRefresh event of the Spline associated with the Input Spline Path module?
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