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How to choose which model to use for each segment?

In the Input Game Object I have 3 models (road 1, road 2 road 3)

How can I choose which model to use for each point/segment ?


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In both the Input Spline Path, the Rasterize Path and the Volume Spots modules, you can find parameters related to the active range of the path. So for example, you can have 3 Volume Spots modules, each with its own parameters, and each active on a specific range of the spline.

FYI, the range numerical values, that are between 0 and 1, are the relative distance of the range's start and end. The relative distance is the distance of the point divided by the length of the spline. In the latest Curvy version, you can find the relative distance of each control point directly in its inspector

You can also define ranges as control points (and not as numerical values) in the Input Spline Path module.

I hope this helped.
Fell free to ask if you have other questions.
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Have a nice day
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