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Shape Extrusion does not align with Input Spline Shape
I created an empty scene.
1. Add a Generator
2. Add Template > Shape Extrusion
3. Update Input Spline Shape to be Circle with 8 points. 
4. Update Input Spline Shape to be Linear OR Select all control points and make their Distance %0
5. Select the Input Spline Path
6. Make the path not closed.
7. Remove the third point from the spline
6. Align the second point to be 0,0,2

I would come to expect a perfect octagon shape.
You can see that the produced mesh does not align with the Input Spline Mesh


Curvy Spline 8.0.2
Unity 2020.3.31f1
Windows 10

Update: I guess I had to watch your video on Rasterization:
To achieve the effect you desire, please set the Include CPs parameter to true:
Let me know if this didn't solve your issue
Have a nice day
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