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E21 - How to remove generator and still have the car to follow the spline

I started from E21 (Car following the road). 

I'm now trying to make a simpler static version without the generator but I want to keep exactly the same driving behavior.
I did "Save output to scene" to get the final mesh objects and also kept the original spline GO.

But as soon as I remove the generator there is no more volume to follow.

What I tried : 
I removed the CG Volume Controller on the "Controller" GO.
Replaced it by a Spline Controller and assigned the correct, original spline.
It kind of works, but as the volume info was lost the car is inside the road.  Adding an offset to display the car higher does not really help.

Is this even doable ?
Thanks in advance for your help!
The volume controller needs a volume to work. If you use the spline controller instead, then you can move the object only along a path, or a tube if you use the spline's controller Offset parameters. For more complex volumes, you will need the volume controller. Of course you can make custom behaviors if you code your own controller, or own movement code, using the API, but I am assuming you question is about a solution that does not need additional coding.
Why not keeping the generator while removing its Volume Mesh and Create Mesh (Track) modules?
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