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Unable to convert GUI point to world ray if a camera has not been set up!
Unable to convert GUI point to world ray if a camera has not been set up!
CurvySplineSegmentInspector:InsBefore() (at Assets/Curvy/Editor/CurvySplineSegmentInspector.cs:492)
CurvySplineSegmentInspector:DoWin(Int32) (at Assets/Curvy/Editor/CurvySplineSegmentInspector.cs:420)

I get this error when using Ins Before and After, on the first and final spline segment respectively.
I'm not sure what the intended behaviour in those cases is, but extrapolating out in the direction of the tangent (?) seems like it'd be reasonable.

Also looking forward to the undo bug and warnings being fixed!

Forgot to mention, this is only the case with an open spline. Closed splines don't suffer from it.

thanks for reporting this. I'll have a look.

To reproduce this error, do I just have to delete any camera in the scene?
My steps to reproduce are:
- Create a new scene (empty, but with Main Camera by default)
- GameObject > Create Other > Curvy > Spline
- Uncheck Close Spline
- Select the first or last point of the spline, and then click Ins Before or Ins After respectively

With the main camera present throughout. As far as I can tell, it happens regardless of whether a camera is in the scene or not.
Ah, ok. Then I misunderstood you. Just tested with the current dev version and fortunately, this bug is gone with the new Toolbar UI.
Ah, neat. Looking forward to the next release.

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