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Conform function, but applied to different directions at the same time

I just bought Curvy and I would like to know if it's possible to use the conform path function in the following ways (see image attached). 
1) The first is just a cube that has the spline projected along two sides of it automatically from the top, 2) the second is cylinder (seen from the inside) that has the spline path projected onto its inner wall automatically, but flat onto it and not horizontal. This last part should be done through orientation I guess. I'm still reading but it'd be great if there's a way to achieve this without manual placement obviously, but using conform. Thanks

If not seen already, I recommend watching this tutorial to be up to date to what is possible:

Now about your specific case. The state of the existing is:
1/Possible using the existing features, but the last CP, which would be projected on nothing, will stay at its pre-projection position.
2/ Not possible, since current features project on a single direction.

But, you can modify the existing code, or create new code (using Curvy's API and Unity's API) to make your own projection logic. The ConformPath module is a good place to start to see how projection is done.

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