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Accessing Metadata from CG

I'm just getting into using Curvy and like what it has to offer so far, and would like to understand more about runtime mesh generation with CG. It seems that a fair bit of CG is good for in-editor, but is maybe somewhat inflexible at runtime.
There is generation-relevant data that I wish to store per control point, and be able to sample it through a module. I can't come up with a good way to do this without delving deep into the Curvy systems.
The end goal is to have metadata describing values like twist angle and width at each control point.
I did come across this post, but I don't feel that the proposed solution would be sufficient.
I don't mind if I need to write my own module for CG, I just hope for some solution, either in the graph or exposed via API, that will expose values from metadata.

If context helps to answer the question, I'm working on a runtime level editor for a racing game:
[Image: giphy-downsized-large.gif]

Looking forward to hearing back, and getting the most out of Curvy!

Nice looking level editor by the way.

  1. About the width, can you tell me why you feel the proposed solution (in that other post) is not sufficient?
  2. About the twist, you can rotate control points that are orientation anchors to generate twists. More about it here:

Have a nice day
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