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TCB documentation bug
This page:

- is supposed to have info on the TCB Properties - but the documentation does not match my screen, so there is a lot of things not documented / with wrong documentation. Quite annoying!
Did you changed your Spline's Interpolation to "TCB" ?
[attachment=26 Wrote:'Jake' pid='517' dateline='1390157904'"]
Did you changed your Spline's Interpolation to "TCB" ?


Yes - thanks (I admit, I did not do so at first Wink )

And for clarity, here's a grey dump from the documentation and 2 dark gray dumps from my screen.

It's quite confusing to read the documentation and try and figure out what refers to what. Maybe I'm just being dumb, but I cannot see the 1:1 relationship. More like 0.7:1.3 or something like that ;P








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Hehe, just uncheck the "Synchronize TCB" option...

Instead of showing lots of disabled fields in the inspector we decided to show fields only when they apply. But of course the documentation shows all possible fields. Perhaps I add this information to the docs.

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