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Best way to dynamically create splines from original spline?
I'm working on a slot car racing track which is created using Curvy Splines, however I'm wondering what the best approach would be to create 2-3 lanes from the original spline that generates the road mesh?

In my current setup I simply offset the empty object with the CG Path Controller a couple of units on the X axis to get different lanes, but this doesn't work since the lanes then are exactly the same length. To solve this I need additional splines on the sides of the original spline, making the inner lane shorter in curves and the outer lane longer in curves. 

Are there any built in methods to get additional splines from a parent spline (or mesh if I need to project it)?

EDIT: So it turns out there's actually a pretty nice offset built-in in the CG Path Controller, that works great. After I set the offset angle and the offset amount it works great. Smile
That was the answer Smile
Have a nice day
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