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Problems compiling after pulling down project from source control
I'm having some issues compiling my project after I commit it to source control. 

The error I see in the console is that the project is unable to find namespace "FluffyUnderware"...are you sure you aren't missing assembly references? 

I pulled down Curvy on my original machine and things "just worked" with Curvy being housed in the /Assests/Plugins directory. This directory made it into source control (under a private repo) and once I pulled down the code on another machine, the project just fails to compile. 

Is Curvy meant to make it into source control? Or am I expected to have to reimport the asset per machine? If so, how would this work with automated builds?

I've asked on a private discord that I'm on and some folks were talking about having to manually create assembly definition files. But I thought Curvy handled that when I clicked "generate assembly definitions" from the UI curvy provides. 

Any advice on this is much appreciated!

Yes, Curvy Splines can be part of of any source control repository. I use it that way, and I have plenty of customers that use it that way, with no issue.

The assembly definitions generated by Curvy should be enough. If there is any issue with them, I am not aware of it and no customer reported that to me.

Sometimes Unity does some weird things. Try removing the sln file of your project, and make unity generate a new one.

Try comparing (using WinMerge for example) the two project folders you have, the working one (not using source control) and the not working one (using source control). Maybe there are some missing files in the not working one?

Try including little by little Curvy and its dependencies in your project until you reach the point where it does not build. Start by including DevTools, then LibTessDotNet, then Curvy, then Curvy Examples

Try using another unity version

I hope this helped
Please consider leaving a review for Curvy. This will help a lot keeping Curvy relevant in the eyes of the Asset Store algorithm.

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