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The wheels are in the wrong position
[Image: sc.png]

I tried to make the train run based on the sample scene. 
However, the position of the bogie and the main unit are not aligned.

[Image: image.png]

Is it because the value is wrong?
That script is just an example script used in an example scene. What it basically does, it and the Train Car Manager, is to setup instances of the Spline Controller, one for each train car and one for each pair of wheels.
I can't tell you what values to put, it depends on each use case (dimensions of the car, spaced between the wheels, etc.)
If that example script does not fit you use case, which might happen if your use case is too different from the example scene, then you will have to make your own setup, either using Spline Controllers, or by placing the objects using Curvy's API.
I hope this helped
Let me know if you have another question.
Have a nice day
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