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Transform Gizmos into real 3d meshes
Hi again Jake ! I'm making a game where the user will be able to draw roads.
Is there an easy way to transform the gizmos of the curvy line Scripts into real 3D meshes ?
The idea is to let the user modify/delete the shape.

Thanks in advance Smile

Edit :
For exemple I have a script (JS) attached to the Object containing the CurvyLine Script.
I would like to add by script a mesh renderer and a meshFilter to all the CP.
Something like that : GetComponent(typeof(CurvySpline)).ControlPoints[0].AddComponent(MeshRenderer); // Testing the first CP
but it does'nt work.

However your script in your online Manual works perfectly :

Could you help me to find the way ? Thanks a lot (I'm pretty new with C#)
Okay, I figured it out with a little script which allows me to create geometries and colliders on the childs when I create a new CP :
(But if there is an other way, it would be nice to know about it Smile )

function addMeshtoControlPoint (indexCP:int)
        // On définit la taille du control point
        transform.GetChild(indexCP).gameObject.transform.localScale = new Vector3(10,10,10);
        // On ajoute le MeshFilter au child crée
        // On injecte dans ce nouveau MeshFilter, le meshFilter de notre Sphere de reference
        transform.GetChild(indexCP).gameObject.GetComponent(MeshFilter).mesh = sphereMeshToUse.GetComponent(MeshFilter).sharedMesh;
        // On ajoute le meshCollider au child crée
        // On ajoute le meshRenderer au child crée


instead of using GetChild, better store a reference to the Spline and access it's segments directly, like mySpline[2] to get the 2nd spline segment. If you want to access the CP's directly, use the mySpline.ControlPoints[] list.

Don't get confused: Control Points and Segments are more or less the same (a CurvySplineSegment component). The difference is that the term Segment refers to a visible spline part (=a CP and curve part ranging from there to the next CP), so if you have a nonclosed spline it has n segments and n+1 CP's.
Thanks for this explanations Jake !!!

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