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How to find out whether the spline is self-intersected.
I have a question.
I want to check whether my curvy spline is intersected by itself.
I want to build something following my curvy spline. Before start building them, I want check whether my building collide into other building on the same spline.
Please let me know how to do it

The easy but not optimized solution is to generate the buildings, then test intersections between the buildings' bounding boxes, then delete the intersecting ones.

The optimized solution would be to apply a self-intersection test for the type of the spline you are using. Such test is not implemented in Curvy. I am not familiar with such algorithms, but they do exist, as you can see here:
All the splines do offer access, through the API, to the relevant data of their related spline type. So implementing such algorithms using the API is feasible.

I hope my answer helped. Let me know if you have other questions.
Have a nice day
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