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Looping splines and GetNearestPointTF
Small feature request:

Make GetNearestPointTF handle closed splines better when supplying start/end segment indexes.
Current implementation clamps start and end index and also requires that the end segment index comes after the start segment index. When working with closed splines, it would be nice to be able to supply start/end indexes such as start = 5, end = 1 when searching near the spline wrap-around.

In our case we try to find the closest position, but due to level layout (our spline crosses itself at some points) we want to limit the search space to only consider segments that are "near enough". But with the current implementation of GetNearestPointTF we need to do some special case handling when the player is near the wrap-point on the spline, basically implementing our own version of the method.
Hi TurboHans
You have a very good point there. Your feature request is noted. Will update this post when it will be actually implemented.
Have a nice day
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