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Locking the UV's of a closed spline

I am wondering if its possible to lock the UV's of a closed spline.  And more specifically choose how many times the material is tiled.

In other words, when I move a point... I want to prevent the object from adding UV space and therefore making it so my spline is not uniformly tiled a set amount.

IN other words... If you can imagine a single image is represented as 123...  I want to lock it to tiled twice.

To put that numerically it would be 123123

But when I move a point I get....1231231....  or 12312312 etc...and it just keeps going

Can I lock it so its just 123 tiled twice no matter what I do to the points on the spline?

Thank you!
In the Volume Mesh module, go to your material's tab, and then change the value of the Keep Aspect option. That should do the trick. Can you please confirm to me that this worked?
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