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Accessing generator's input spline in script, changing it at runtime
Hello. I've gone thoroughly through the documentation, api reference, YouTube tutorials and searched here on the forums, but cannot find anything that can explain how I might reference a geneator's input spline path module and assign a spline that was created at runtime. I already have the spline created and configuredĀ at runtime and I have a reference to the generator in question, but I can't understand the method or module reference syntax etc. If someone could help it would be very appreciated. Thanks
This post addresses your question:
Have a nice day
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Yep that did the trick thank you! For those who may come here in the future, here is my simple method for doing this which I derived from the infinite track scene.

// make spline, you can put in start or have it run once in update add at points to it.
if (!spline)
spline = CurvySpline.Create();
spline.Interpolation = CurvyInterpolation.CatmullRom;


// optional method of adding points to the spline at runtime, I have mine in a crappy frame skip. Make sure to refresh the generator after any change to the spline

if (i < 1)


else if (i < 9)


i = 0;


// build a generator
CurvyGenerator buildGenerator()
// Create the Curvy Generator
gen = CurvyGenerator.Create();
gen.AutoRefresh = false;
// Create Modules
InputSplinePath path = gen.AddModule<InputSplinePath>();
InputSplineShape shape = gen.AddModule<InputSplineShape>();
BuildShapeExtrusion extrude = gen.AddModule<BuildShapeExtrusion>();
BuildVolumeMesh vol = gen.AddModule<BuildVolumeMesh>();
CreateMesh msh = gen.AddModule<CreateMesh>();
// Create Links between modules
// Set module properties
path.Spline = spline;
path.UseCache = true;
CSRectangle rectShape = shape.SetManagedShape<CSRectangle>();
rectShape.Width = 20;
rectShape.Height = 2;
extrude.Optimize = false;
extrude.CrossHardEdges = true;
vol.Split = false;
vol.SetMaterial(0, mat);
vol.MaterialSetttings[0].SwapUV = true;

msh.Collider = CGColliderEnum.None;
return gen;
Thanks for sharing. If and when you feel like it, please leave a review for the asset, that helps a lot.
Have a nice day
Please consider leaving a review for Curvy. This will help a lot keeping Curvy relevant in the eyes of the Asset Store algorithm.

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