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Create a path with Curvy from a "position" animation with several keyframes

Is it possible to create a path with Curvy from a "position" animation with several keyframes? I would like to be able to modify the curve of the trajectory of my objects in real time. My objects have an animated position using keyframes and their movements are straight. I'm trying to use Curvy so that I can modify that animation to offer dynamic curves. How can it be done?

Not sure to have understood your exact use case, so my answer will be a bit of "spray and pray" answer Smile
  • The control points constituting a spline are game objects, meaning that whatever is used to animate a game object will work on them, including animations. Same applies for the properties of Curvy's components, as long as their type is compatible with animations (floats, ints, ...)
  • You can modify a spline at runtime using Curvy's API. The main class to manipulate a spline is CurvySpline
  • A Spline Controller has a Position property. That property can be modified using an animation to animate the movement of an object along a spline.
Let me know if none of the above helped answering your question
Have a nice day
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