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SplinePathMeshBuilder : Shape Rectangle with complete UVs
Hi Jake !

I have a little demand. I hope this is a little thing to do.
Into the SplinePathMeshBuilder script, we have the ability to chose a Rectangular shape. And the way it behaves is the best choice for my project.
Unfortunately, The UVs are only on the top and bottom. Not on the side of the rectangle.

Is there a way to add theses missing UV's ?
Thanks a lot
You can alter the way UVs are generated in the code (CurvyMeshBuilder.cs):

UV's are added in Extrude() (line 594ff). mUV[] is the array that holds the mesh's UV data. We take U from the input mesh and V is calculated by getV() based on the inspector settings. With U coming from the Input mesh, you can also change the rectable input mesh generation (CurvyUtility.cs: MeshHelper.CreateRectangleMesh() ).


PS: I forgot the default answer: the new version will offer a lot of more options...

Thanks a lot Jake !

I will have a look into that Smile
Do you know aproximately the date of your next release ?
When it's done ™...seriously, I don't know. We're working hard on it, but it's too early to make a good guestimation.
Okay no pb ! thank you jake !!!!

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