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Adding function to set GameObjecs in InputGameObject.cs

I want to add InputGameObject module to generator through code. and then i want to add list of game objects to it. every thing fine until i tried to add the list of game objects to the module . the property for game objects is get only and i cant set a list to it. 
So I added function to add the game objects to the module and i added it in InputGameObject.cs script as follow

  public void InitGameObjectList(List<CGGameObjectProperties> lstObjects)
            m_GameObjects = lstObjects;

every thing is now working perfect i can add list of objects to it , But i want to make sure that if this function will have problems if i call it at runtime or it will cause issues to the generator at later point?
I don't advise you to do that. Do this instead:
If you have any issue with this let me know.
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Super , Thanks allot for the advice  Big Grin

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