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interpolate to nth control point
I have a spline with a number of control points.  I can go from one control point to an adjacent control point via Interpolate(% progress, worldSpace).  Works fine. 

My initial take on going from CP0 => CP3 was getting CP3 control point & calling Interpolate from that CP.  What am I missing here?  Thanks. 

  var nextControlPoint = Spline.ControlPointsList[_icp+3];
  transform.position = nextControlPoint.Interpolate(percentCompletion, Space.World);
When you use a someControlPoint.Interpolate, you have a position between that control point and the next one, so cp3.Interpolate returns a position between cp3 and cp4
Also, the first parameter is not a %. Please read the method's documentation to understand what that parameter means. More information here:[]=tf#units
Each control point has a Distance and TF values. You also have a InterpolateByDistance method. The max value of TF is 1 and the max value of Distance is Spline.Length. With all this information you should be able to find any point at any position on the spline.
I hope this helped
Have a nice day
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