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Pre-Purchase question

I was wondering if with this asset i would be able to build tracks like those attached, but having : 

1. Splines 'snap' to a grid so i can make perfect 90° turns.
2. Be able to use a spline as a 'master' spline to put other elements like walls & curbs but not the whole spline, just some places (when turns).

Thank you ! 


1. Control points of a spline are game objects, and Unity handles already the snapping of game objects:
Please send me an example of a 90 turn you want to generate, so I can confirm that it is feasible using Curvy Splines.

2. Yes, you can use only parts of a spline when placing objects or generating mesh.

3. In the attached picture, there is a point where two roads merge, and the texture is specific to that point. The specific texture is not something you can do automatically with Curvy Splines. All what you can do automatically is to generate a mesh for each road and have them overlap. So to achieve the specific texture for the junction point, you might want to create a third mesh by hand, and make it overlap the two curvy generated meshes at the junction point.

Have a nice day
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