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Train tracks with transparent middle?
I would not advise you to use an invisible material in the middle because your mesh (like every mesh) is hollow in the middle, so if you make a part invisible, you will see whole at the junction points between both materials. The proper way in my opinion is generating two meshes, one for each rail.
You can use the Path Relative Translation module to make the path for the second rail from the first one:
About where the materials are assigned, you can learn more about that in the documentation:
The example scene 26_CGExtrusionExtendedUV is also a good learning material.
Sorry for not answering earlier, but I was (and still am) busy these days with migrating my websites to a new web hosting service.
Have a nice day
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Train tracks with transparent middle? - by jh092 - 06-30-2020, 12:36 AM
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