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[Bug] Enabling Assembly Definitions makes it uncompileable

I wanna report this important bug.

You have cyclic references between your classes which belongs to different libraries via assembly definitions.

ToolBuddy.Curvy library references FluffyUnderware.DevTools library and at the same time two classes in FluffyUnderware.DevTools references classes/methods in ToolBuddy.Curvy.

These classes are in DTUtility.cs and Extensions.cs.

Can you please fix this problem?

Also, if you keep the assembly definitions as disabled, it causes two serious problems.

1) Use of assembly definition must be promoted. Re-enabling them one by one after updating your package every time is really problematic to the user.
2) During your development, you can't avoid creating more cyclic references if you keep assembly definitions disabled on your end.

Can you please enable them by default?


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[Bug] Enabling Assembly Definitions makes it uncompileable - by XtroTheArctic - 04-23-2020, 07:43 PM

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