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Creating a ring of rectangles, then create series of rings to create a cylinder
Hi guys,

here is what I'm trying to achieve: 
1. Create a ring of rectangles according to a circular spline
2. Create a bunch of these rings next to each other to create a cylinder of rectangles of rings 

I have achieve the effect of this but however I cannot build the project on VR with oculus. 

Before I build, console already outputs errors:

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

FluffyUnderware.Curvy.Generator.Modules.CreateGameObject.OnDestroy () (at Assets/Plugins/Curvy/Base/CG Modules/CreateGameObject.cs:104)
UnityEngine.ObjectBig GrinestroyImmediate(Object)
FluffyUnderware.DevTools.PrefabPoolTongueush(GameObject) (at Assets/Plugins/DevTools/Components/PrefabPool.cs:227)
FluffyUnderware.Curvy.Generator.CGGameObjectResourceLoaderBig Grinestroy(CGModule, Component, String, Boolean) (at Assets/Plugins/Curvy/Base/CG/CGResource.cs:255)
FluffyUnderware.Curvy.Generator.CGResourceHandlerBig GrinestroyResource(CGModule, String, Component, String, Boolean) (at Assets/Plugins/Curvy/Base/CG/CGResource.cs:71)
FluffyUnderware.Curvy.Generator.CGModuleBig GrineleteManagedResource(String, Component, String, Boolean) (at Assets/Plugins/Curvy/Base/CG/CGModule.cs:609)
FluffyUnderware.Curvy.Generator.Modules.CreateGameObject:Clear() (at Assets/Plugins/Curvy/Base/CG Modules/CreateGameObject.cs:122)
FluffyUnderware.Curvy.Generator.Modules.CreateGameObject:Refresh() (at Assets/Plugins/Curvy/Base/CG Modules/CreateGameObject.cs:142)
FluffyUnderware.Curvy.Generator.CGModule:doRefresh() (at Assets/Plugins/Curvy/Base/CG/CGModule.cs:825)
FluffyUnderware.Curvy.Generator.CurvyGenerator:Refresh(Boolean) (at Assets/Plugins/Curvy/Base/CG/CurvyGenerator.cs:595)

and when I build, I get another reoccurring error message:

ID of 'Create GameObject_7_GameObject7_GO ring001' isn't unique!

FluffyUnderware.Curvy.Generator.CurvyGenerator:Initialize(Boolean) (at Assets/Plugins/Curvy/Base/CG/CurvyGenerator.cs:530)
FluffyUnderware.Curvy.Generator.CurvyGenerator:Update() (at Assets/Plugins/Curvy/Base/CG/CurvyGenerator.cs:243) 

For some context, the first ring of rectangles I got from step 1 I created a prefab of and fed into step 2 generator. The name of the prefab is called GO ring,


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Creating a ring of rectangles, then create series of rings to create a cylinder - by mchangxe - 08-28-2019, 03:16 AM

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