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Renaming gameObject in scene Locked when there are CurvyGenerator in scene

We have already talk about it previously, but it's getting worst :o

If I have some curvy Generator in the scene, I can't rename gameObject anymore.

I have managed to handle that in the past, by creating a simple button in the sceneView "Desactive/reactive all CurvyGenerator".
When I want to rename an gameObject, I just clic on this and they find, and desactive all curvyGenerator.

But Now, I don't know why, but it doesn't work at all Sad 
So i'm realy stuck now. I can't rename any object in my scene, it's really really aweful Sad

And you don't want to hear my method for renaming gameObject...
Change scene, create an empty gameObject and name it, put it in prefabs (because I can't CTRL+C / CTRL+V an gameObject between scene), go back to my scene, drag & drop the new empty prefabs, and change hierarchy of gameObject (and of course, break scripts dependencie in the scene, so set again the script dependencies).

Well, please tell me you have a solution ^^

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Renaming gameObject in scene Locked when there are CurvyGenerator in scene - by UsernameHed - 07-16-2019, 09:57 AM

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