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Magical Box particles along spline
(08-20-2013, 08:44 AM)Jake Wrote: Hi,

I've exported you my test scene. I used the dev version of Curvy, so propably CurvySpline and CurvySplineSegment scripts are missing when you import that. In this case just drag the CurvySpline script to TubeA/B/C objects and CurvySplineSegment to all CP objects. Alternatively, just delete all tubes, recreate them with your Curvy version and reassign them in the Simple Tube parameter.

Here's the tutorial.

You see, custom parameters aren't rocket science.


This is pretty amazing, I didn't know MagicBox can be modified this way, will definitely look into this more during the next few days. Big Grin

I ran into just one problem while trying to use this on my scene, and it's the following. I use a simple rotation script which makes the ship tilt to one side, then back (simulation of a ballast system), however, the particles don't seem to follow the curvy spline as it rotates together with the object. It worked fine when I was using the Position by Curvy Spline default parameter included with MagicBox, but with this Custom one, I guess it does not recalculate the path as the spline moves.
Any simple fix for this or?

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