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Rotation issue on a Parented Spline Controller

Is there an option to control the spline locally and not globally?
The goal is to place [ParentObject] anywhere in the world and rotate it anyhow and have the controller work locally. The positioning works but the rotation does not work.

Here's how I've structured the objects:

     -> CurvySpline
                   -> CP0001 etc.

     -> SplineController
                   -> Object to Move Along the Spline

If I rotate [ParentObject], the CurvySplineController does not rotate with it.

On the forums, I see people talking about an option (Space.Self / Space.World). But I don't see it anywhere on the Spline Controller or the Spline. Sad

Using Curvy Version 4.1.1.

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Rotation issue on a Parented Spline Controller - by Karthik7Nike - 12-04-2018, 08:11 AM

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