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Creating a multitrack rollercoaster
I have been looking at curvy for a while and I'm thinking of getting it to create a rollercoaster.
Most of it seems straight forward looking at the train demo/tutorial but there a a few parts that are different for a rollercoaster and I don't know if this is possible with curvy.

- Track design: I want to extrude the track of the coaster, but the tutorial only shows how to extrude connected shapes. I guess I would have to generate seperate meshes for each of the three track beams (left rail, right rail and the lower middle support rail)? And then spot the part that holds them together along the track? Or is there an easier way.

- Switch track: Looking at the multitrack demo's it is a bit hard to see with the moving trains but it looks like two tracks just intersect. What I would like to do is create an actual switch section (and animate it). Would this be possible if the track is generated?

- Placing points: How easy is it to place controlpoints along a line? I know I can set the position manually but if the line is not straight across an axis what would be the best way to place them?

The switch section is what is currently holding me back from deciding to use curvy but if this doable from what I have seen this would be the perfect tool!

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Creating a multitrack rollercoaster - by RavenLiquid - 08-02-2018, 08:56 AM

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