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Precision Following
Howdy, new user here and excited to learn all about Curvy!

My first question is how to maintain precise gaps between gameobjects using the SplineController?

Ideally, I was hoping to find a "follow" component that you could just add to gameobjects that followed a lead gameobject. In the tutorial examples, I see one approach where followers are connected to the lead with joints, but those followers don't stay on the spline. In the train car example, the approach is to have every car have it's own spline controller and there's a script that adjusts the distance of follower cars in Late Update.

I'm trying to find a 3rd way that takes orientation and bend of the spline into account. For example, imagine a 2D rollercoaster with 2 cars. If I mimic the train car approach, the roller coaster cars are too far apart on the peaks, and too close together (overlapping) in the valleys. So I'm looking for help in how to adjust the distance between the 2 cars to account for the difference between peak and valley.


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