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Connections - Can someone please explain how these work?
So I'm going to branch off to multiple paths, and the user can choose which direction to go ahead of the path.  Seems like "Connections" is what I want to do.  But I'm confused, and maybe even worried there's something wrong.

When I look at the demos, say, 12-Train, it's pretty similar to what I want (except I don't use trains lol).  The Connection on PathA/CP0002 has two Connections, PathA and PathB.

How do I actually set that up!?  If I make two curves, then create a connection on one of those nodes.. it does not let me "Head to" anything (drop down exists but no options).

The documentation doesn't help at all, it barely explains what this does and how to work it, and certainly makes no effort to give a step by step on setting this up.  The videos don't seem to talk about this.  I find this pretty strange because it seems like such a vital feature.  

Looking forward to some help on this one, as it's pivotal for my game.

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Connections - Can someone please explain how these work? - by atomsinthevoid - 10-19-2017, 05:06 PM

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