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Suggestion for an additional example
Your tutorials are excellent, and I'm working my way through them now. I was also browsing the examples, which again are quite well done and very realistic use-cases.

I'd like to address one thing that was confusing to me, where I think there might be a gap between your simpler examples and the advanced ones. I wanted to use an existing spline and simply replicate a prefab along its length at intervals. No extruded shape, no UV mapping, no random list of GameObjects to choose at each point. I did get that working by dissecting your railroad example, but there is so much node complexity there it was a little hard to figure out the minimum node set to do this.

My suggestion is to add a very simple Generator example with only a replicated prefab along a spline.

Again, this is a very minor suggestion amidst tutorials that are overall extremely good. Thank you for those!

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Suggestion for an additional example - by syscrusher - 04-09-2016, 02:34 AM

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