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Curvy discards Input Spline Range

I have an issue when using the Input Spline Path module. I am using one Path spline, and multiple Input Spline Path nodes that all reference that same path, but different ranges on that path, to generate a circuit.

Now the issue I have is, I can build the ranges just fine and see them shown. But as soon as I press play, or I leave the scene for another scene and come back, Curvy will discard all my ranges, pumping out errors:

The things is, I have double checked the control points, and they are all correct. When I initially set up the range, everything works.
I even tried exporting the mesh right away, and it does work as intended if exported.

But I need to be able to save the changes to the scene normally to use the generator dynamically to design circuits. But I can't do that with ranges so far, as the exceptions thrown discard all my ranges.

I'd be happy to provide any information or logs needed.


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Curvy discards Input Spline Range - by VoltDriver - 11-22-2023, 04:26 PM
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