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"MetaData" Of Entire Spline Heightmap
Hey Aka hope you are well, 

I have a general question about the best practice in which to approach getting info on the entire spline if you dont mind.  

Let's say I wanted to plot a graph of the height profile of my spline. Since I'm guessing control points are basically just normal unity gameobjects, my solution would be to just find all the control points of my spline and extract all the y values of each control point and then I could plot them against their absolute positions on the graph's x axis. 

Just wanted to ask is the right way to think about this? I plan to take more general info from the spline and do stuff with it like a minimap or whatever. So unless this info is saved somewhere I cant think of another way. 


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"MetaData" Of Entire Spline Heightmap - by SAMYTHEBIGJUICY - 10-14-2023, 12:49 AM

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