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Problematic Curvy API

I would like to discuss with you some points before taking any action. I will subdivide my answer in numbered points to make it easier for us to discuss:

  1. To clarify, the Array.Add and Array.AddRange extension methods were not wrote by me, and are not part of Curvy Splines. They are part of DevTools, one of Curvy Splines' dependencies. All the dependencies of the asset are in ToolBuddy/Dependencies folder. For now, it contains DevTools, LibTessDotNet and Vector Graphics. The code owned by ToolBuddy is in another folder, ToolBuddy/Assets.

  2. These methods are used in multiple places. As an example:
    AddRange is used in DTSelection.AddGameObjects, which is used in CurvyMenu.Create<T>(MenuCommand cmd)
    So removing these extension methods is not an ideal solution. Setting them private or internal is not neither, since DevTools can be in its own assembly when users use the provided assembly definitions.

  3. You stated that resizable arrays should not be used in C#. I am not aware of such prohibition. Event the Array class has a resizing method, Array.Resize<T>(T[], Int32). Sure it is better in a lot of cases to use lists instead of arrays (knowing that lists use internally an array that is resized), but that does not mean that resizing arrays is prohibited. There are cases where resizing arrays makes sense. It really depends on the context. Can you please guide me to official guidelines prohibiting this usage?

  4. You stated that public extension methods should not be used. I am not aware of this, especially that .Net itself uses public extension methods (LINQ). Can you please guide me to official guidelines prohibiting this usage? As long as the extension methods are useful, in their own namespace, and do what their name suggests, I don't see an issue in them being suggest by intellisense.

Please let me know what you think.

Have a nice day
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